Guidelines for Digital Camera Usage

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These guidelines have been developed to assist you in using a digital camera for capturing pictures to be used in the association magazine. Unlike the web, print publications demand much higher quality photographs to achieve outstanding results.

We encourage you to follow these recommendations when using a digital camera to capture and submit pictures. An expanded explanation of these guidelines may be viewed by clicking here.


Taking The Picture
Taking The Picture
  • Make sure you are using a 3 megapixel or higher camera.
  • Set the PICTURE QUALITY and IMAGE RESOLUTION on the camera to their highest settings. (On some cameras, this setting may say "fine," "large," "high," or "ultra.")
  • Avoid using digital zoom for pictures. Optical zoom is acceptable.




Saving The Picture
  • Transfer the picture from the camera directly to your computer following the instructions provided with your camera.
  • DO NOT attempt to edit or otherwise manipulate the picture. Let our graphics professionals take care of any flaws.

Sending the picture
Sending the picture
  • If you are sending film-based prints or digital pictures via U.S. Mail, package appropriately and mail to: Data Key Communications, Inc., 5794 Widewaters Parkway, Dewitt, NY, 13214. Please enclose a description of the pictures sent. Digital pictures should be sent on a CD or DVD. Printed copies of digital picture(s) are not usable.
  • If you are sending digital photo(s) via email, include it as an attachment, not as an embedded image. Please note that some providers (e.g. AOL) will compress the picture file and may make the photograph unusable for publication purposes. Also note there is a size limitation for email attachments which varies by provider. To insure delivery, send each photo in a separate email message.
  • Please identify the photograph(s) in the subject of the email and include descriptive information in the email message.
  • If you have a number of pictures to send and wish to use FTP, please refer to this page for FTP instructions.

Wrap up
Wrap Up
  • Always send the picture in its original format. DO NOT EDIT.
  • Printed pictures made from digital photographs are not usable.
  • Prints from film-based cameras are accepted.
  • Cell phone pictures will be rejected.


For an expanded explanation of these guidelines, click here.

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