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Gases and Welding Distributors Association (GAWDA) September 15, 2013
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A Semi-Monthly Newsletter for Gases and Welding Distributors Association Members
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GAWDA Gives Back
Continue your Specialty Gas training when you attend the PSGP University sessions in October.
Precision University

Advanced Gravimetric
Mixture Filling, October 21 -23

This course is designed for specialty gas mixture personnel who are already comfortable making gravimetric mixtures and who need advanced training. It is a 2.5-day lecture with hands-on lab exercises. Read more...

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How GAWDA Gave Back

Since its inception in 2000, GAWDA Members have given almost $1.5 million to local charities in the cities hosting GAWDA's Annual Convention. Here’s how the money was used…

Featured Articles
35 Reasons to Attend the GAWDA Contact Booth Program

Abicor Binzel USA • Visit Abicor Binzel to learn what it takes to be a part of a specialized distributor program, offering pricing premiums and access to select new products.

Amwins Program Underwriters • Find out exactly why so many insurance professionals are calling us and why we insure more welding distributors than any other insurer.

ArcOne • A free pair of glasses for the first 100 people when you ask Fred the magic question: "How can I improve my PPE Gross Margin?"

Arcos • Arcos offers a comprehensive line of premium bare wire, covered and tubular stainless steel alloy electrodes to meet a wide variety of demanding welding applications.

Astaras • Ask us how to use E3 technology to utilize non-radiating oxide electrodes, mitigating exposure risk, and replace radioactive (NRC source material) thoriated tungsten.

Carbide Industries • Carbide Industries manufactures calcium carbide products and acetylene used in the industrial gas, chemical, primary steel and foundry markets.

Carborundum Abrasives • We heard you! We're doubling our offering with a new opening price point product line, combating importers and getting your foot in the door.

Catalina Cylinders • High Integrity aluminum cylinders, from the smallest non-refillable calibration cylinder to the largest 269 cu.ft. specialty gas cylinder, Made in America.

Cavagna North America • The Cavagna Group, founded in 1949, is a world leading manufacturer of equipment and fittings for compressed gases, gas storage and control.

CGW-Camel Grinding Wheels • CGW-Camel Grinding Wheels has acquired PASCO. Ask about expanded abrasives line which includes narrow and wide belts, PSA discs and cloth discs.

Chart Industries • Chart Inc. introduces its BulkLiteT 1400 Compact Horizontal Bulk Storage Tank with a design pressure of 250 psig for oxygen, argon and nitrogen service.

Cramer Decker Industries • As a global distributor for Harrison Valve, see the entire Harrison product line including the new OMNI integrated valve along with CDI's entire product offering.

DataWeld • Stop by DataWeld's booth to see a demonstration of the latest iPhone and iPad technologies for cylinder tracking and order processing.

ESAB Welding & Cutting • ESAB delivers superior-value welding and cutting performance that allows today's industrial fabricator to attack any challenge with confidence.

FIBA Technologies • FIBA continues to expand its product line with the acquisition of AMKO and a second tube manufacturing facility. Contact FIBA for 15,000-psi gas containment equipment.

Gas Innovations/WWS • Ask about the latest advantages in natural gas, cryogenic or compressed (LNG and CNG), pipeline, temporary, backup supply of LNG, CNG, with vaporizers and equipment.

Gullco International • Ask us about how our welding automation, welding rod ovens, ceramic weld backing, plate beveling and durable equipment exceed expectations for service and quality results.

The Harris Products Group • Ask us how we can support your customers with the latest in cutting, welding, brazing and soldering equipment, consumables and gas distribution systems.

Harrison Worldwide • We are formally introducing the OMNI integrated valve and regulator for hospital and medical applications. Harrison is the fastest growing manufacturer of precision valve products.

Hypertherm • 80% of Powermax demos result in a sale. Stop by Hypertherm's booth to learn about our new Certified Demo Center program.

Lucas-Milhaupt • Announcing our newest acquisition: Lucas-Milhaupt acquired the assets of Wolverine Joining Technologies, a manufacturer of silver and copper-based brazing and soldering filler metals.

McDantim • Tomorrow's gas-blending technology, available today: blending 2-3 gases for welding, beer dispense and food packaging. Low flow accuracy, tamper-proof, no adjustment or electricity.

Mercer Abrasives • Mercer Abrasives' High Density Trimmable Zirconia Flap Discs feature easy spin on and off technology, extended working life, softer grind and reduced operator fatigue.

NetBraze • Don't miss using our new world record, low-temperature silver solders to convert your customers to increased brazing speed, reduced fuel and lower alloy cost.

Norton Abrasives • We are the fastest grinding in town. Come see us to discuss the newest addition to the patented NorZon line of depressed center wheels.

PDC Machines • PDC's diaphragm compressors, used in gas applications, include transfill, cylinder filling, off-loading of gases from tube trailers, and anywhere ultra-high purity compression is required.

Precision Specialty Gas Products • Greater productivity, ultra-consistent mixtures and an unlimited number of recipes, all at a touch of a finger. Learn more at Weldcoa's booth.

Ray Murray• Our customer care program has help ed us become one of the largest distributors of propane, cryogenic and compressed gas equipment and appliances in the U.S.

Rotarex North America • The most innovative, comprehensive gas handling solutions in the industry. For industrial, medical, specialty gas, cryogenics, electronics, the Rotarex Group offers a World of Solutions.

Saf T Cart • Saf-T-Cart has developed a solution to potential Workman's Compensation Claims with our new line of Moving Hook carts for liquid cylinder transportation.

Select-Arc • Select-Arc introduces SelectAlloy 182-AP, an all position, gas-shielded, flux cored, nickel-based electrode designed to tackle critical welding applications in demanding environments.

Sherwood Valve • Sherwood Valve continues to "think big" with new market solutions. Learn about these innovative products and meet our new exceptional customer care team.

WDPG Insurance/A Horton Group Company • Learn how to drive down costs, workload and anxiety. Learn about the strategies that continue to support GAWDA members who continue to lead the industry.

Welding Company of America • Have you heard the news? Weldcoa is now post-sintering PTFE tubing for flexible leads and the focus is strictly on the high pressure gas market.

Western Enterprises • Talk to us about the latest advances in quick-connects, flash arrestors, fittings and regulators.

GAWDA President Craig Wood Looks Back

GAWDA President Craig WoodCraig Wood became GAWDA's President at the 2012 Annual Convention in Colorado Springs. A lot happened during the past 12 months in the industry and in the association, and President Wood charted a course that is keeping the association strong and secure. Here are some highlights of his accomplishments in office: a commitment to keeping attendees at Convention and SMC in the same hotel (not an easy thing to do when dealing with room blocks); more welcoming and larger space for contact booth exhibitors; an increased speaker budget to attract the highest quality presenters at Convention and SMC; distribution of 11 scholarships to further the education of members' employees and children; improved Regional Meetings; focus on attracting new members and retaining current membership; a projected positive year-end net surplus for 2013; and many others.

Perhaps the most critical event of the past year was the historic decision to transition the association to self-management, which will be complete on January 1, 2015. At his address to delegates at the 2013 Orlando Convention, President Wood will talk about many of these things, particularly the specifics of the transition.

For Craig Wood, the year has been an incredible journey. "The memories of this humbling experience I will cherish for the rest of my life." What he has done for GAWDA during his term will enable the association to grow and thrive for many, many years. Thank you, President Wood.

In Memoriam

Roger JonesRoger Jones, 57, was the sales and technical director at Welding Material Sales in Geneva, IL. He passed away on August 15 from liver cancer, an illness that came on suddenly. Mr. Jones worked as an inside sales representative and in January 2013, became the company's technical director. This new position enabled him to expand on his 12 years of dedicated service by responding to technical questions from customers within the distribution chain, as well as salespeople within the organization. Brian W. DePaul, president of Welding Material Sales, says Mr. Jones was someone who truly enjoyed working with customers. "Roger knew many welding distributors personally in his 13 years of inside sales and was truly one of the greatest guys I ever met. He was loved by his co-workers, family and friends, and will be sorely missed."

He is survived by his wife Geraldine Lynn Reese Gardner, four children and many relatives.

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Over 144 golfers have signed up to play at this year's tournament. Space is currently sold out, but due to inevitable last-minute cancellations, we are happy to accept entries for the waiting list. We are also still accepting pairing requests, so send in your entries today. Please send your registration information and/or pairing request to Cecilia Barbier at

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