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Did You Know!

This portable oxygen delivery system is MRI tested to 3 TESLA.

Is 15%-25% lighter in weight than comparable models.

Has a 35% lower profile than comparable models.

Has evacuation rates comparable to standard post type medical valves.

Pressure gauge located at the top of the unit is protected by the shroud and provides excellent visibility of the dial face.

Uses standard CGA-540 fill connection (no special fill connectors or procedures required).

Unique single-control operational design.

Flow control knob acts as the principle shut-off device.

A non-rotating valve seat to reduce the potential of particulates.

Widely accepted by hospitals, nursing homes, and EMS.

No other product in this category meets all of these criteria.

For over 37 years, Ray Murray Inc. has provided products and technical support for needs in compressed gas and propane equipment.  Ray Murray supplies over 18,000 products from companies including Sherwood, Western, Rego Cryogenic, Goddard, GasKit, Witt, MPT, Cavagna and FasTest. Orders can be packed and shipped the same day from one of our 3 warehouses.

For more information contact :
Mark Jenny
Tel:  800-628-5044
Fax: 800-243-8341
Email:  mjenny@raymurray.com
Web site: www.raymurray.com




Breaking News

GAWDA’s Gridiron Greats Revealed

Doug Lampton, Lampton Welding Supply
Doug Lampton, Lampton Welding Supply

GAWDA’s football-playing members have been unmasked at last. After scoring all of the entries, it was Bill Visintainer, president of Tuscaloosa, Alabama’s Atlas Welding Supply, who came out on top. Visintainer is the winner of a $100 gift certificate to the NFL Shop, having correctly identified the greatest number of GAWDA members from their high school and collegiate portraits. Now that the contest is officially over, the true identities of all 17 members in all of their full football glory are available for all to see. Want to find out how you did? Head over to GAWDA’s Gridiron Greats at Welding & Gases Today Online to see the answers.

James Cain, Atlas Welding Supply Jim Lisiecki, Linde
James Cain, Atlas Welding Supply Jim Lisiecki, Linde
Ashley Madray, Gas Innovations Don Renner, Weldcoa
Ashley Madray, Gas Innovations Don Renner, Weldcoa

See who's behind the facemasks.


WGT Wants To Know

How do you motivate employees when money is not available for raises? Maybe it’s through awards, verbal praise or by providing job security. What works for you?

What niche markets does your company target? There are many surprising applications for welding and gases from wine on tap to cryogenic preservation. What specialty markets do you work with?

Share your thoughts with Welding & Gases Today by taking a brief member survey.

New and Returning Members

GAWDA welcomes new supplier member, Hi Pressure Technologies, located in Paterson, NJ.


Five recently updated wiki terms

Cooling system
Resistance brazing
Tandem-arc Welding
Yield point

To add your own term, go to www.GAWDAwiki.org.

Industry Beat
(what people are talking about)

Gas and Supply Pasadena
Central Welding Supply’s Precision Welder Repair division

Central Welding Supply Adds Repair Division (North Lakewood, WA) • Central Welding Supply Inc. acquired Precision Welder & Engine Repair, located in Seattle, WA. Operating as the Precision Welder Repair division of Central Welding Supply, the division will repair welding equipment, including engine drives, electric welders, plasma cutters, wire feeders and more. The acquisition is expected to increase welding supplies and hardgoods revenues by an estimated $500,000 annually.

Red Ball Oxygen Recertified (Shreveport, LA) • Red Ball Oxygen Company’s laboratory and production facility was re-accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2005. “The certification ensures our customers that we operate under a proven system that promotes quality,” says Mark Patten, director of Red Ball technical gas services. According to Patten, the facility has never failed an audit, including recent blind audits by the Solicitor General’s office and the EPA.

Tim Wehby
Pacific Welding Supplies’ Bremerton, WA, facility is expected to be completed in mid-December 2010.

Pacific Welding Supplies Branches Out (Tacoma, WA) • Construction is underway on Pacific Welding Supplies’ Bremerton, WA, location. The project plans include the remodeling of an existing facility on Bremerton’s Katy Penman Avenue. “The new location will represent a greater convenience for our customers,” says Pete Hochstatter, president of Pacific Welding Supplies. “It will allow us to expand our inventory and services, and will provide a more efficient and top-notch work environment for our staff.”

Airgas Great Lakes Adds Automation Center (Radnor, PA) • Airgas Great Lakes opened a new Automation Center adjoining Airgas’ Grand Rapids, MI, retail location. The facility features the latest in automation equipment and can accommodate demonstrations for groups large and small. “The companies that we serve want to work smarter in order to compete in a global economy where low-cost production is the norm,” says David Clubb, an Airgas automation specialist. “Our goal is to educate our customers about the latest technology and help them increase their productivity and lower their costs.”

Promotions & Hires at OKI Bering (Cincinnati, OH) • OKI Bering promoted Ed Deeley to the position of vice president of operations and purchasing, where he will be responsible for refining and developing new supply chain strategies and systems. Barry Mitchell was promoted to vice president of product management, where he will oversee all vendor relationships. OKI Bering hired Roch Monahan as vice president of sales, who will take over for retiring VP of sales, David Rush. In his new position, Monahan will manage the company’s sales force and develop and implement sales strategies.

Ed Deeley Barry Mitchell Roch Monahan
Ed Deeley Barry Mitchell Roch Monahan

Sandvik Acquires Stake In Powder Business (Scranton, PA) • Through a strategic partnership, Sandvik Materials Technology will acquire 40 percent of Carpenter Powder Products, a producer of high-alloy metal powder products, from Carpenter Technology Corporation. In turn, Carpenter Technology will acquire 40 percent of Sandvik Powdermet AB, a Sweden-based producer of powder metallurgy components, from Sandvik Materials. “Powder technology is one of the development areas to which we have assigned highest priority to enable us to further strengthen our position in the field of advanced materials.” says Peter Gossas, president of the Sandvik Materials Technology business area.

Dale McCoole
Dale McCoole
AWESCO Hires Director of Sales (Albany, NY) • AWESCO hired Dale McCoole as director of sales, where he will look to increase the company’s market share. McCoole previously served as a launch control officer in the Air Force. He holds an MBA from Colorado’s Regis University and a B.S. in finance from the University of Wyoming. “Dale’s background in sales and customer service, as well as his military involvement, makes him a perfect fit for this role,” says Dave Mahoney, president and CEO of AWESCO.

California Tool Partners With Linde (Riverside, CA) • California Tool & Welding Supply is now a Platinum Partner of Linde North America. The two companies will work together to develop programs and jointly visit customers and prospects in the region. Chris Craig, California Tool manager and third generation family business member, says, “Our expectation for California Tool is to continue to expand and grow within the region. Through our partnership with Linde, we will enhance our product and service offering to reach new customers in diverse markets.”


Overheard on the Blogs:

From the Welding & Gases Today Blog:
Social media is becoming more important to small businesses every day. As a point of proof, one year ago 10 percent of businesses used some form of social media in their marketing efforts. Today, 365 days later, that number is 40 percent. That’s a 300 percent increase for those of you keeping score at home.


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Dealing with Discipline Issues in the Workplace
November 16, 1:30 – 3:00 p.m. Eastern. Presented by the GAWDA HR Committee, this webinar will address disciplinary actions, policies, communication, and documentation and will present actual case studies of sensitive and complicated incidents from the industry. For more information, click here.

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November 19 Lodi, CA, Regional Meeting

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