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Introducing Automation For Any Size Budget!

The Sur-FillTM Systems
Modular Series has 4 new lines of automation to fit every size
gas cylinder filling operation.

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Now everyone can benefit from the proven reliability of Weldcoa’s Sur-Fill automation system:
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•   Free operators to multi-task
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•   Retrofit into your existing facility
•   Maintain existing controls without disruption
•   Fill to the correct settle pressure
•   Support through optional modem or VPN
Choose from 4 versatile models

Choose from any of our 4 new lines of automation to fit every size gas cylinder filling operation.

Automation can make the difference in your business profits today.

Series 1:  Frees operator to multi-task during fill cycle. Stops pump at termination of fill task.

Series 2:  Completely frees operator to multi-task during entire straight gas fill cycle.

Series 3:  Frees operator to multi-task through entire straight gas fill cycle. Prompts operator to physically switch gases during mix gas fill cycle.

Series 4:  Fills by weight to a higher degree of accuracy and assures repeatability. Frees operator to multi-task during mix gas operation and prompts operator to physically switch gas during mix fill cycle.

It’s never been a better time to automate with Weldcoa!
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335 East Sullivan
Aurora, IL 60505




Breaking News

GAWDA Challenges Special Permit Rulemaking

GAWDA General Counsel Rick Schweitzer testified at a public meeting on August 19 before the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration. The agency held the public workshop to solicit comments on the Initial Fitness Evaluation standards (the first step in a 3-step evaluation process) used to review Special Permit and Approval applications. This public meeting was considered separate from the proposed rule in HM-233B, the procedures on applications for Special Permits.

The agency noted that it conducts the Initial Fitness Evaluation by reviewing data from the Hazmat Intelligence Portal and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s SAFER database. If the motor carrier or shipper applicant’s data meet one or more of the following thresholds, the applicant is subjected to the second level of analysis. The criteria are:

Hazmat Intelligence Portal
Incident criteria.
•   More than 30 total hazardous material incidents involving 172.504 Table 2, or
•   More than 1 serious hazardous material incident.

Civil Case Criteria
4 civil enforcement cases
•   4 warning letters
•   A combination totaling 4 civil enforcement cases and/or warning letters.

Motor Carrier Safety Rating of “unsatisfactory”
•   Hazmat out-of-service percentage greater than the national average
•   Driver out-of-service percentage greater than 2 times the national average
•   Vehicle out-of-service percentage greater than 2 times the national average.

The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration emphasized that simply because an applicant may fail these initial review criteria, the application is not deemed “unfit,” but the review would progress to Tier 2, where a more thorough evaluation would be completed.

Industry representatives expressed concern with the proposal and pointed out that the information presented in the slides did not match the criteria identified in the public notice. Comments stated that the thresholds did not account for risk exposure, such as number of shipments or vehicle miles traveled; that the use of warning letters or open enforcement cases violates the applicant’s due process rights; and that the development of standards for fitness evaluations must go through notice and comment rulemaking.

GAWDA Counsel Rick Schweitzer contrasted the agency’s process with the development of the CSA 2010 Fitness Determinations by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, which went through a 30-month pilot program and an outside evaluation to validate the standards’ relation to actual increased risk by carriers. The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration has conducted no such review, and its criteria for Special Permits and Approvals seem arbitrary in comparison. GAWDA also submitted written comments to the HM-233B docket.

Welding & Gases Today Enhances Online Presence

WGT Website Screenshot

The online home of Welding & Gases Today is undergoing a complete facelift, the final results of which will be unveiled September 15. The new WGT site represents the evolution of business-to-business magazine technology. It is a flexible, interactive community that allows for real-time news posting and reader interaction. The new format allows the WGT editorial staff to post articles and stories as they come in. No longer do members have to wait until the end of the month or even quarter to find out about the latest industry trends and best practices. Now there is instant access to these valuable stories.

In addition to being updated with new articles and news stories several times a week, social media are fully integrated into the site. The editors’ blogs are on the site, with the most recent entries featured on the homepage. A live Twitter feed shows visitors everything that’s being said about the association and its publications. A comment section is included with every article, with the most recent postings being highlighted on the homepage. There are icons that make it easy for visitors to share site content with e-mail contacts and social media followers. It’s all part of the site’s effort to be a vehicle for participation instead of merely the consumption of information.

Be sure to stop by September 15 and see it all first! www.WeldingAndGasesToday.org

Overheard on the Welding & Gases Today Blog:

"We know about identity theft, password hacking and phishing scams that can make us vulnerable and even allow others access to our Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and blogs. So we’ve all taken steps to protect our identities, right? You would think so, but in many instances that’s not the case."


New Members

GAWDA is pleased to welcome distributors INFRA, S.A. de C.V. of Naucalpan, Mexico, and Williams Alloy & Welding Equipment of Houston, TX.

Industry Beat
(what people are talking about)

Nick Kaplan
A new showroom in Auburn, MA, gives ABCO room to grow.

ABCO Opens Auburn Branch (Waterford, CT) • ABCO Welding & Industrial Supply relocated its Auburn, MA, store to a new 5,000 sq. ft. retail showroom from its previous 1,500 sq. ft. facility. “The additional space allows us to expand our product lines to include safety products and maintenance repair products,” says ABCO Marketing Manager Jay Stemler. “Auburn, MA is a great location for our company,” says Peter Marzano, ABCO’s vice president of sales and service. “The new larger facility in Auburn is an integral part of our long term growth plan.”

Compressed Gas Solutions Grows (Orlando, FL) • Compressed Gas Solutions moved to a new location in Orlando, FL. The newly remodeled 9,000 sq. ft. building was designed specifically for a gases and welding distributor. “The facility offers plenty of space for our pumping and retest equipment, and the ground space around the building gives us room to manipulate our trucks,” says Compressed Gas Solutions President Bob Leaman. “With our new location, we are anticipating our walk-in business to pick up significantly. We are really happy with our new facility, and we intend to be here for a long, long time.”

Five recently updated wiki terms

Hyperbaric Valve Box
Oxy-Arc Cutting
Exothermic Underwater Cutting
Safety Mount
Inert Gas

To add your own term, go to www.GAWDAwiki.org.

York Leads TW Cryogenics (Mechanicsburg, PA) • Taylor-Wharton International (TWI) appointed Len York president of Taylor-Wharton Cryogenics. York will continue to serve in his current role as chief financial officer of TWI while he assumes his new post. “Len has excelled in his role as chief financial officer throughout our restructuring and will continue to make a major contribution in his new role at Cryogenics,” says Bill Corbin, CEO of TWI.

Brian Holland
Brian Holland

Cryogenic Industries Appoints Manager (Murrieta, CA) • Brian Holland was named general manager of Cryogenic Industries - Atlanta, one of four service centers in the United States operated by Cryogenic Industries. Holland’s extensive industry experience in service operation will further advance the company’s ongoing commitment to the growing regional market of industrial gas producers and distributors.

Servomex Hires Sales Manager (Sugar Land, TX) • Servomex Company named Joe Lee regional sales manager for the Western United States. Lee has worked across the region for more than 30 years, including 17 years with Zellweger Analytics, a gas detection specialist. According to Servomex, “Joe brings excellent technical sales experience to the role, developed by a personal philosophy of growing sales through service and researching new applications of existing technologies.”

Ashley Wright
Ashley Wright Werthaiser

Werthaiser Pilots Global Gas (Cincinnati, OH) • Wright Brothers Global Gas announced Ashley Wright Werthaiser as majority owner and CEO. A third-generation member of the Wright family, Werthaiser takes over for her father, Charles C. Wright, who remains owner and president of affiliate Wright Brothers, Inc. “We are confident Ashley will continue to grow new and long-term customer relationships on a larger scale while upholding the Wright Brothers tradition of distributing customized and quality gas supply,” says Wright.

Overheard on the GAWDA Edge Blog:

“If you’re anything like me, you don’t know what to make of the controversy between Airgas and Air Products. Air Products has been trying to acquire Airgas for about 10 months, and everything seems like a carefully played chess match leading up to Airgas’ annual meeting on September 15. As it approaches, I’ve been trying to get a grasp on everything that has taken place.”


Submissions For 'Since Last We Met' • Each year during the general opening session of the annual convention, GAWDA shows a video entitled “Since Last We Met.” This video highlights events during the past year in the areas of sports, politics, entertainment, news and more. At the conclusion of the video we recognize those current and past members of GAWDA who have passed away during the previous year.

GAWDA needs your help to ensure that everyone is acknowledged. Please send GAWDA Headquarters the names and pictures of employees who have been directly involved in the association who have passed away since August 2009. Please send all submissions to nalexis@aws.org by September 13, 2010.

66th Annual Convention in Maui • Don’t miss out on GAWDA’s 66th Annual Convention from October 2-5 in Maui, HI. Registration is still open. This is a unique opportunity to network with members of the welding and gases industry, reconnect with fellow distributors and learn from the best in the business. Capitalize on the latest knowledge to take your company to the next level while taking in 40 acres of beauty at the Grand Wailea Resort Hotel & Spa.

Follow the links to see lists of attendees and exhibitors. For a schedule of events and registration forms, visit GAWDA’s 66th Annual Convention homepage.

GAWDA Gives Back Logo

GAWDA Gives Back to Hawaii’s Community Closet • This year, GAWDA President Jenny McCall and her husband Chris have selected Hawaii’s Community Closet as the 2010 recipient of GAWDA Gives Back. Community Closet is a program created by Child and Family Service, the state of Hawaii’s oldest and largest private, nonprofit human services organization. Community Closet’s mission is to provide essential supplies to newborn babies from less fortunate families.  In addition to monetary gifts, GAWDA members are welcome to bring new baby outfits to this year’s convention, which will be presented to the Community Closet, along with GAWDA’s donation. You can donate to GAWDA Gives Back using this donation form.

Workshops, Web Conferences & Seminars

Acetylene and Liquefied Petroleum Gas Safety Seminar
September 21-22, 2010
Four Points by Sheraton Huntsville, Huntsville, AL. For more information, click here.

GAWDA Fall Professional Compliance Seminar
October 12-14, 2010
Weldcoa’s Precision University, Aurora, IL. For more information, click here.

Upcoming Events
For more information about these regional meetings,
please click here or call GAWDA at 877-382-6440.
September 8 • Gettysburg, PA, Regional Meeting
October 2-5 GAWDA Annual Convention

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