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“Experience is one thing you
can’t get for nothing.”

Just ask Tom, Sue, Mark, David and Mike from the Air Products distributor sales team. With 100+ years of industry experience among them, they have invested a big part of their lives working to understand customers’ needs, offering innovative solutions to everyday challenges and delivering world-class service. 

This team of five is backed by a dedicated crew of Customer Service, Technical Information and Emergency Response professionals available 24/7, and a team of safety-conscious drivers with a 99.9 percent on-time delivery record that’s second to none. 

Mark Steiner, Mike Reinhardt and David Patch. Not pictured are 30-year veteran Tom Reynolds covering the East and South regions and Sue Reiter covering the West and Midwest with 22 years.

We know it’s tough competition out there, made even more difficult in recent years.  Tough times can sometimes bring unwanted change—in products, people and services.  But Air Products has weathered the storm and maintained its core of committed staff serving the distributor community.  We still have the right people responding to your needs with the right answers; our drivers continue to achieve amazing million-mile safety milestones while maintaining near-perfect delivery records; and we are focused on identifying best practices everywhere we can to help you keep costs down, quality up and throughput high.

When all you need is a quick check on your account, our APDirect® Customer Portal provides secure and convenient access to online ordering, tracking and telemetry.  APDirect also gives you critical information like material safety data sheets, customized reports for regulatory compliance and more.

As a diversified company with many capabilities in the fields of cryogenics and industrial gases, we understand your challenges. You can count on us for reliable supply with strategically located oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, helium and argon facilities and transfills from coast to coast.  And no matter what business you’re in, protecting the safety of your employees and your operations is priority one.  As a recognized safety leader in the chemical industry, Air Products experts are on call to help you respond to an emergency or assist with training on the safe use of our products. 

It was Oscar Wilde who said “Experience is one thing you can’t get for nothing.”  Hard to say what was on his mind at the time, but experience is everything when it comes to knowing what’s on your mind and helping you find solutions.

And it’s the Air Products people you’ve come to know face to face, earning your trust year after year—individuals like Tom, Sue, Mark, David and Mike—who make all the difference. 

Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.
Customer Service: 1-800-224-2724
See our new supply capabilities brochure.

West/Midwest Sales:
David Patch, Distributor Sales
1-800-227-4163, ext 21763              
E-mail patchdk@airproducts.com

Susan D. Reiter,
National Account Manager
E-mail reitersd@airproducts.com

Northeast/South Sales:
Mark Steiner, Distributor Sales
1-800-227-4163, ext 71081
E-mail steinema@airproducts.com

Tom Reynolds,
National Account Manager
E-mail reynoltf@airproducts.com

Mike Reinhardt,
Business Manager, Distributors


Breaking News

Oil Spill Hits Distributors

Sixty-five days into the BP oil spill, GAWDA distributors continue to feel the effects of the disaster. In the short-term, several distributors along the Gulf Coast have seen a boost in sales. Nordan Smith’s branch in Pascagoula, MS, is located three miles from the beachfront where there are two response team encampments. “We’ve seen a 10-15% increase in the sale of safety equipment, including protective suits, hardhats and safety glasses,” says Di’Ane Walters, branch manager at Nordan Smith’s Pascagoula store.

Gas and Supply’s store in Theodore, AL, has also experienced a boost in the sale of safety equipment, but Branch Manager Kevin Kennedy says it will not last. “Right now, availability is a big concern,” says Kennedy. “Every supplier in the area bought these products to resell.”

Distributors fear that this momentary swell in demand could be the calm before the storm, as a moratorium has brought off-shore drilling to a halt. With a large customer base in oil drilling, Gas and Supply’s Theodore branch is bracing for the worst. “We expect to see a 30% to 40% reduction in gross sales within a couple of months,” says Kennedy.

Nordan Smith’s Pascagoula branch generates much of its business from the nearby shipyard rather than oil rigs, but Walters says the store will still be hit by the cease in drilling. “There will be a trickle-down effect. If they’re not drilling, the supply boats won’t be purchasing supplies,” says Walters. For now, stores are stocking up on the supplies they can get a hold of as they wait for the real impact. “They’ve been shut down for a month, so it’s coming,” says Walters.

WESCO Gas & Welding Supply, headquartered in Prichard, AL, directly on the coast, has several locations along the Gulf. So far, the oil spill has had minimal impact, but Paul Dutruch, executive vice president at WESCO, anticipates an increase in the sale of fabrication equipment. “Customers are using our products to manufacture booms and other devices used in the cleanup.” WESCO has no intentions of being a bystander to the cleanup; the company is exploring ways to use its products to pitch in, such as using carbon dioxide to solidify the oil and make it easier to pick up. Says Dutruch, “Our goal is to make the cleanup easier. The easier it is, the faster things will return to normal.” Until that point, distributors will continue to draw on the spirit of ingenuity and tenacity that made them what they are today.

GAWDA Gives Back to Babies

Child and Family Service is Hawaii’s oldest and most established nonprofit organization, with branches on all the major islands. Its mission is strengthening families and fostering the healthy development of children. GAWDA will focus on Maui’s “Community Closet,” a program that provides support for newborn babies. A line of credit will be established through a local retailer for the purchase of baby supplies, such as diapers, wipes, formula, baby food, blankets and car seats. Read more about Child and Family Service.

During the past 10 years, GAWDA members have generously given almost $1 million to needy organizations in the communities where the Annual Convention was being held. Numerous lives have been impacted and, in some instances, actually saved.

More information about how to donate to GAWDA Gives Back can be found at www.gawda.org.


Five recently updated wiki terms
Friction Stir Welding
Neutral Flame
Rupture Disk
To add your own term, go to www.GAWDAwiki.org.


Safety & Compliance News

Timeline Set for Comprehensive Safety Analysis 2010 The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration released the following new timeline for implementation of the Comprehensive Safety Analysis 2010 program:

  • Now through November 30, 2010 Motor carriers may view their roadside inspections/violations and crash events by behavior analysis and safety improvement category (BASIC).
  • June 30, 2010 The operational model test will end.
  • July 2010 The four “50/50” test states (Colorado, Georgia, Missouri and New Jersey) will join the five 100 percent test states in implementing the program.
  • August 2010 Motor carriers will be able to see an assessment of their violations based on the new Carrier Safety Measurement System.
  • Fall/Winter 2010 The Carrier Safety Measurement System will replace SafeStat, and will be used by roadside inspectors to identify carriers for inspection. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration will issue warning letters to carriers with deficient BASICs.
  • Winter 2010 Safety fitness determination notice of proposed rulemaking will be released.
  • January 2011 Interventions with motor carriers will begin.


GAWDA Edge June Issue coverGAWDA Edge Highlights Gases and Welding Technology
The June issue of GAWDA Edge features four talented, young IT professionals in the gases and welding industry. They share their strategies for keeping up with technology and how they use it to increase productivity and sales.

This issue contains a tutorial on becoming a search engine expert. Use Google to find out information on customers so that cold call isn't so cold. Hone your skills and uncover information you didn't even know was available to the public. If it's out there, GAWDA Edge will help you find it.

Visit gawdaedge.org to learn about the technology that is shaping the gases and welding industry.

Industry Beat
(what people are talking about)

Norris Cylinder Acquires Alabama Facility (Longview, TX) Norris Cylinder acquired Taylor-Wharton International’s (TWI) Huntsville, AL, cylinder operations on June 9. The sale of assets was part of TWI’s voluntary Chapter 11 restructuring plan. The Huntsville facility, formerly known as Coyne Cylinder, manufactures acetylene cylinders, small and intermediate high-pressure EN and ISO 200-bar cylinders and a variety of specialty cylinders. “We are excited about the ability to expand our product offering to our existing customers, as well as bringing new customers to Norris,” says Jerry VanAuken, president of Norris Cylinder.

The staff at Maine Oxy’s Lebanon, NH, store stands outside the new location.

Maine Oxy Adds New Hampshire Store (Auburn, ME)Maine Oxy added a new location with the acquisition of Twin State Welding in Lebanon, NH. “It gives us access to areas of Vermont and Northwestern New Hampshire that we have not had before” says George Lyon, operations manager at Maine Oxy. With the new store, Maine Oxy welcomes Territory Manager John Brockway and new Store Manager Bill Gaherty. The new Lebanon, NH, location is Maine Oxy’s 11th store.

Welders Supply Supports At Risk Teens (Beloit, WI)Welders Supply Company provides support to the Urban Force Racing Team with its donation of welding guns and helmets, as well as a free supply of gas and consumables. As part of its sponsorship, Welders Supply also offers welding training to students in the program twice a year. The Urban Force Race team is an extension of a Beloit School District program that reaches out to at risk teens to provide training for a career in automotives. “We’re happy to be a part of this great community program,” says Ed Meuller, co-president of Welders Supply. “It’s a small investment that returns a lot of good.”


Pacific Welding Supply Plans New Building (Tacoma, WA)Pacific Welding Supply is relocating its Bremerton, WA, store. The new 4,900 sq. ft. building in Bremerton will feature a retail showroom, steel prep and cutting areas, a hardgoods warehouse and an expanded receiving area. “We look forward to enhancing our business in Bremerton, to the advantage of both staff and customers,” says Dale Wilton, CEO of Pacific Welding Supply. The store is tentatively scheduled to open in October 2010.

Thermadyne Adds Marketing Staff (St. Louis, MO)Thermadyne Industries, Inc. welcomes three new members to its marketing and sales team. Tony Coco, director of channel marketing and national accounts at Thermadyne, brings 15 years of experience as the former vice president sales and vice president strategic marketing at Honeywell Analytics. Bill Wehrman brings 25 years of experience as the former director of marketing and corporate communications for American Express Incentive Services. Vicki Marshall comes to Thermadyne from Leica Microsystems, Inc., where she was the marketing communications specialist.

Students and faculty from New York City’s School of Cooperative Education attend AWISCO’s Trade Show 2010 on May 19.

Future Welding Professionals Attend AWISCO Trade Show (Maspeth, NY)Among the more than 1,000 attendees at AWISCO’s Trade Show 2010 were 80 future welders from New York City’s School of Cooperative Technical Education. The welding students visited with more than 40 of AWISCO’s vendor partners and learned about the latest processes, equipment and supplies the industry has to offer. “This is our second year of coming to the Trade Show and each year our students are thrilled to attend,” says welding teacher Frank Gorglione. “They are made to feel like welcomed professionals and encouraged to complete their studies and enter the welding industry.”

“AWISCO is committed to developing young welding talent and helping to fill the void in welding professionals that our country is experiencing,” states President Lloyd Robinson. “We are thrilled to host Frank and his welders-in-training at our trade shows and give them a taste of what to expect when they graduate and enter the field.”


Attend GAWDA’s Family Reunion in Maui Preparations are underway for the 2010 Annual Convention, October 2-5, in Maui, HI. Network with suppliers and distributors at the Grand Wailea Resort Hotel & Spa overlooking the southern shores of Maui. You can view a tentative schedule of events and a list of speakers.

GAWDA has negotiated discounted room rates at the Grand Wailea and hotel reservations are now open. The group rates are listed here. You can make your reservation directly with the hotel on or before August 23, 2010, by calling (800) 888-6100 or online at this special GAWDA Housing Page.

East Lansing Regional Meeting GAWDA’s Regional Meeting in East Lansing, MI, kicked off on June 1 with a networking tailgate party in the courtyard of the Staybridge Suites. Sixty-five members attended, sporting their favorite pro and college team colors. Along with a few beverages, food included Brats, Burgers, and Barbecue chicken, which was cooked by Master Chef Dave Sullivan of 3M Speedglas. The event, which was scheduled from 7-9 pm, ended up lasting until near midnight!

The June 2 meeting began with a buffet breakfast at the Timber Ridge Golf Club and included two speakers who gave attendees much to think about. The American Welding Society’s Monica Pfarr spoke about AWS’s “Image of Welding” program. This created great interest in all the programs being offered, and many questions were asked as to how GAWDA members can become more involved.

Michigan State basketball Assistant Coach Dwayne Stephens explained what it takes to recruit the best players year in and year out and how this can be related to the business world. Coach Stephens was a big hit and answered many questions from the group. He was also kind enough to sign many items from the Michigan State fans in attendance.

Sixty-six golfers—27 distributor members and 39 manufacturer members—attended the golf outing. Despite the rainy conditions, everyone finished the round. The winners were the foursome of Purity Cylinder Gases’ Mark Burns and Doug Nyhuis and Lincoln Electric’s Scott Strawn and Kevin Fleming. All had a great time, and next year we will work on the weather!

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Workshops, Web Conferences & Seminars

Pre-Employment Screening Program Demonstration
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Office of Analysis, Research and Technology is holding a webinar and online demonstration of the agency’s new Pre-Employment Screening Program for companies seeking information on drivers’ records. The webinar is being held on Wednesday, June 23, from 1:00-2:00 p.m. Eastern. Please visit http://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/facts-research/art-webinars-future.aspx for details.

Upcoming Events
For more information about these regional meetings,
please click here or call GAWDA at 215-564-3484.
June 27-28 • Hattiesburg, MS, Regional Meeting
July 15-16 • Naperville, IL, Regional Meeting
July 21-23 • Whitefish, MT, Regional Meeting
July 22 • Seven Springs, PA, Regional Meeting
August 15-16 • Southern Pines, NC, Regional Meeting
August 17 • N. Stonington, CT, Regional Meeting
August 23-24 • Kansas City, MO, Regional Meeting
September 8 • Gettysburg, PA, Regional Meeting
October 2-5 GAWDA Annual Convention

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