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Weldcoa Gas Packs have been moving cylinders safely for 40 years.

Weldcoa has been manufacturing quality Gas Cylinder Delivery Systems since 1968. From the most basic to the most demanding, Weldcoa has products that will support you and your customer’s needs.

Introducing the CO2 Pack!
It’s easy to load, easy to unload and easy to transport.
Safely transports 250 or 300 nominal size cylinders
1.5” ground clearance with ramp makes loading/unloading quick and safe

Carts, Palletized Gas Packs
and Cages

All cart designs are field tested for at least 6 months before public sale.

Manifolds and Leads
Weldcoa’s manifolds and leads are manufactured, oxygen-cleaned and tested in-house.

LowPro Cart Accessories
Secondary Cylinder Clamp
Roll Bar
D Rings
Valve Isolating Baffles
Kingpin-less Casters
Stand Pads

Gas Pack Options
Weldcoa Pallet Cages can be ordered with or without manifolds.
Pallet manifolds are available in 12 and 18 packs.
Carts are available in many configurations, including 6 and 12 packs, with and without casters, and new inline caster technology, for a variety of gases.

For more information on our complete line of Gas Packs visit our website www.weldcoa.com.

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335 East Sullivan, Aurora, IL 60505


Breaking News

Register for Maui Convention Hotel

GAWDA has negotiated discounted room rates for the Annual Convention at the Grand Wailea Resort Hotel & Spa. The GAWDA group rates are listed here.

Please make your reservation directly with the Grand Wailea on or before August 23, 2010, by calling (800) 888-6100 or online at this special GAWDA Housing Page.

You can view the tentative Schedule of Events here.


DOT Begins Driver Screening Program

On May 11, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration launched its Pre-Employment Screening Program, which allows commercial motor carrier companies to electronically access driver inspection and crash records as part of the hiring process. The program offers access of up to 5 years of driver crash data and 3 years of inspection data, regardless of the state or jurisdiction. By using driver safety information during pre-employment screening, commercial carriers will be able to better assess the potential safety risks of prospective driver-employees. Drivers have additional opportunities to verify the data in their driving history and correct any discrepancies. A driver's records will be protected in accordance with federal privacy laws.

The Pre-Employment Screening Program is populated monthly by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Motor Carrier Management Information System, which is comprised of driver performance data that include inspection and compliance review results, enforcement data, state-reported crashes and motor carrier census data. For complete details on the Pre-Employment Screening Program's fees for driver safety records and how carriers and drivers can participate, visit http://www.psp.fmcsa.dot.gov.


Five wiki terms you should know
Carbon-arc cutting
Anodic polarization
Axis of weld
Bag alloy
To add your own term, go to www.GAWDAwiki.org.


Safety & Compliance News

Online Applications for Special Permits As of May 1, 2010, the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration has an online application process for applications of hazardous materials special permits. The online system ensures that applications are complete and that they are reviewed and processed more thoroughly, timely and efficiently. The system accepts applications 24 hours a day, provides immediate confirmation of an application along with a tracking number, and allows an applicant to attach supporting documentation. The online application can be found here.

House Committee Holds Hearing on Special Permits Process The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee held a hearing April 22 on the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration’s management of its special permits and approvals application process and the standards used by the agency in evaluating applications. The hearing underscored the discrepancy between the agency’s stated goals and the realities of regulation with limited resources. Administrator Cynthia Quarterman stated that it was “unconscionable” that the agency had in the past granted special permits to an entire trade association membership, for example, without verifying the safety record of each of the member companies that would use the special permit. Quarterman also admitted that the agency had a substantial backlog of applications and that requiring individual verification of each member’s safety would further clog the system. Quarterman said that the agency would coordinate all safety fitness reviews with the modal agency for the type of transportation in the application (for hazardous materials shipments by truck, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration). PHMSA claims that the backlog of special permit applications is declining and that the agency has hired new staff to process the applications.

GAWDA Compliance Resources GAWDA has a wealth of resources available to members at www.gawda.org. The Safety Organizer, a monthly publication that provides bulletins on traffic, safety and medical gases, can be found under the “News and Publications” area of the website, along with links to material safety data sheets for our industry. There are also a number of human resources references, including the HR Manager’s Legal Reporter, job descriptions and sample HR forms.

Under the “Resources” section, you can find consultant articles, searchable compliance reference manuals and the Welding Fume Litigation Library. The consultant section includes an archive of articles written by GAWDA’s consultants.


Consultant Has New Phone Number GAWDA DOT, Security, OSHA and EPA Consultant Mike Dodd has updated his contact information: Michael Dodd, MLD Safety Associates, LLC, P.O. Box 93 Poplar Bluff, MO 63902. His phone number is also his cell phone: 573-718-2887.

Unified Carrier Registration Fees A final rule establishing the 2010 fees for the Unified Carrier Registration Plan was published in the April 26 Federal Register. The final rule sets the following fee schedule:


Number of CMVs owned or operated by exempt or nonexempt motor carrier, motor
private carrier, or freight forwarder

Fee per entity for exempt or
non-exempt motor carrier, motor private carrier, or
freight forwarder

Fee per entity for
broker or leasing






















1,001 and above



Much of the increase in fees from 2009 was due to the fact that Congress had changed the statute so that only power units (and not trailers or semitrailers) are counted for purposes of determining the correct fee category. Nevertheless, the additional increase from 2009 was due mostly to the inability of the states to collect the entire amount of the fees to which they are entitled under the United Carrier Registration Act. States are expected to begin sending out invoices for the 2010 fees within the next few weeks. Enforcement will begin July 15.

Industry Beat
(what people are talking about)

Members of the Hopkins High School Robotics Team demonstrate what their robot, made with equipment from Miller Welding Supply, can do.

Miller Welding Supply Delivers Robots and Cash (Grand Rapids, MI)Miller Welding Supply held its 9th Annual BBQ to benefit Hospice of Michigan on May 7. The company began promoting the BBQ on its weld beanies in February. 700 people attended the event, which raised over $13,000 for Hospice. In addition to a $10 all-you-can-eat lunch, guests could pay an additional $10 for the Bad-to-the-Bone Rib Cookoff where they could feast on seven different ribs, including “Fried and Gone to Heaven.” Special guests of the BBQ were students from the robotics team of Hopkins High School who demonstrated their award-winning robot, welded with equipment donated by Miller Welding Supply. Miller Welding Supply also showcased a robot. “Between our robot and 4 welding engineers on staff, our customers were able to learn and implement the latest technology in automation, which is so important for Michigan manufacturers today,” says Michael Clay, president of Miller Welding.

Dave Mahoney Named Man of the Year (Albany, NY)J. David Mahoney, president and CEO of AWESCO, was named Man of the Year by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Upstate New York/Vermont chapter. Mahoney raised over $53,000 during an eight-week period. The money will be used to fund blood cancer research, patient services and other efforts to advance the society’s mission. Mahoney will compete against other fundraisers from across the country for the national title.

Central Welding Supply’s newest branch location in Anacortes, WA.

Central Welding Supply Opens Branch (North Lakewood, WA)Central Welding Supply opened a branch store in Anacortes, WA, on May 3. The 3,200 sq. ft. facility is located in a very visible spot off Hwy 20 next to an automobile dealership and broadens Central Welding Supply’s reach to 19 locations across the Puget Sound region.

Western International Acquired (Basking Ridge, NJ)Western International Gas and Cylinders was acquired by Matheson Tri-Gas, Inc. Western International, located in Bellville, TX, will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of Matheson Tri-Gas and as an independent corporation. It will have a separate board of directors made up of representatives from both Matheson Tri-Gas and Western, including Western President and CEO Dan Hord III. “The acquisition of Western supports Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation’s ongoing strategy to increase market presence and capability in the United States,” says company president, Hirosuke Matsueda.


GAWDA Gives Back to Two Worthy CausesDuring the past 10 years, GAWDA members have generously given almost $1 million to needy organizations in the communities where the Annual Convention was being held. Numerous lives have been impacted and, in some instances, actually saved. This year, President Jenny McCall and her husband Chris continue the tradition of giving back to the needy in the convention’s host city. They also will begin a new direction by giving back to the industry that has given so much to GAWDA members.

Child and Family Service is Hawaii’s oldest and most established nonprofit, with branches on all the major islands. Its mission is strengthening families and fostering the healthy development of children. GAWDA will focus on Maui’s “Community Closet,” a program that provides support for newborn babies. A line of credit will be established through a local retailer for the purchase of baby supplies, such as diapers, wipes, formula, baby food, blankets and car seats.

GAWDA Endowed Educational Scholarship Program will award $1,000 scholarships to 25 individuals working in GAWDA member companies to attend the 2011 University of Industrial Distribution, the industry’s premier distribution-specific education program.

The website, www.gawda.org, will contain information on how you can donate to these very worthy causes.

Read Again, Learn More Speakers’ PowerPoint presentations from the 2010 Spring Management Conference in Chicago can be downloaded here. Presentations include:

  • GAWDA President Jenny McCall:  Address to Delegates
  • Lloyd Robinson, Ned Lane, Ned Pointious:  Measurement Tools
  • Andy Stawski:   Merchandizing
  • Mike Workman:  Business and Corporate Integrity
  • Mike Workman:  Distributor Owners Roundtable
Atlas Welding Supply’s Bill Visintainer (right) welcomes Rick Richardson, Sky Cylinder Testing, and Wendell Braswell, Airgas, to the Dixie Birmingham Regional Meeting.

Birmingham Regional MeetingThe Dixie Birmingham Regional Meeting held on May 16-17 in Birmingham, AL, was an event filled with networking, great take-aways from first-class presenters and, of course, Texas Scramble golf on the beautiful Eagle Point Golf Course. It was attended by 74 people, including 8 prospective GAWDA members. Atlas Welding Supply’s Bill Visintainer and James Cain hosted the event and worked hard to make sure that time spent by attendees, distributors and suppliers alike, was worthwhile.

Alistair Harding Smith, a Morgan Stanley analyst, explained some tax implications of the new healthcare bill for small businesses. Roger Neu, president of IWDC, gave a behind-the-scenes look at co-ops and buying groups. Linde’s Bob Van Kirk, head of key customers and distributors, outlined the gas business in the current economy and pointed out some growth areas in his forward outlook. Bill Visintainer and James Cain worked hard to get vendor support. The golf tournament was won by Bob Ranc, Superior Products, Paul Pfingston, Abicor Binzel, Ryan Norton, nexAir, and Bob Wiscombe, Hobart.

GAWDA President Jenny McCall of WESCO Gas & Welding Supply, presented the 50-50 raffle winnings to Chip Thompson, ORS Nasco, who then donated it all to GAWDA Gives Back. Jimmy Walker, Saf T Cart, ponders his next move.
(l-r) Steve Sargent, nexAir; Ron Martucci, Lincoln Electric; David Montgomery, nexAir; David Jordan, nexAir (l-r) John Norton, Norton Consulting; Bill Visintainer, Atlas Welding Supply; Rick Richardson, Sky Cylander Testing; Larry Martin, Gas Innovations


Workshops, Web Conferences & Seminars

Upcoming Events
For more information about these events,
please click here or call GAWDA at 215-564-3484.
May 26-27 • Atlantic City, NJ, Regional Meeting
June 1-2 • East Lansing, MI, Regional Meeting
June 27-28 • Hattiesburg, MS, Regional Meeting
July 15-16 • Naperville, IL, Regional Meeting
July 21-23 • Whitefish, MT, Regional Meeting
July 22 • Seven Springs, PA, Regional Meeting
August 15-16 • Southern Pines, NC, Regional Meeting
August 17 • N. Stonington, CT, Regional Meeting
August 23-24 • Kansas City, MO, Regional Meeting
September 8 • Gettysburg, PA, Regional Meeting
October 2-5 • GAWDA Annual Convention

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