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Introducing Automation For Any Size Budget!

The Sur-FillTM Systems Modular Series has 4 new lines of automation to fit every size gas cylinder filling operation.

Now everyone can benefit from the proven reliability of Weldoca’s Sur-Fill automation system.
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Reduce labor
Free operators to multi-task
Automate any cylinder filling equipment
Retrofit into your existing facility
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Fill to the correct settle pressure
Support through optional modem or VPN
Choose from 4 versatile models

Choose from any of our 4 new lines of automation to fit every size gas cylinder filling operation. Automation can make the difference in your business profits today.

Series 1: Frees operator to multi-task during fill cycle. Stops pump at termination of fill task.
- Automated shut-off of high pressure pump/compressor.
- Stops gas based on straight gas pressure temperature filling.
- Models for filling 1-3 selectable gases.

Series 2: Completely frees operator to multi-task during entire fill cycle.
- Automated vent, vacuum and fill.
- Controls the vent, vacuum and fill valves.
- Starts and stops the vacuum pump.
- Starts and stops the fill pump.
- Models for filling 1-4 selectable gases.

Series 3: Frees operator to multi-task through entire straight gas fill cycle. Prompts operator to physically switch gases during mix gas fill cycle.
- Automated vent, vacuum and fill for straight and mixed gases, by pressure.
- Fills by pressure/temperature compensation.
- Controls the vent, vacuum and fill valves.
- Three fill valves provide various levels of flow control.
- Starts and stops the vacuum pump.
- Models for starting and stopping 2-5 pumps.

Series 4: Fills by weight to a higher degree of accuracy and assures repeatability. Frees operator to multi-task during mix gas operation, and prompts operator to physically switch gas during mix fill cycle.
- Automated vent, vacuum and fill for straight and mixed gases, by weight.
- Fills straight gas by pressure temperature or mix gas by weight.
- Controls the vent, vacuum and fill valves-three fill valves provide various levels of flow control.
- Starts and stops the vacuum pump.
- Models for starting and stopping 2-5 pumps.

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Breaking News

No Blues In Chicago
Attendees eager to talk about industry growth,
best practices, management change

Nearly 600 people attended the association’s Spring Management Conference in Chicago, which concluded this past Tuesday, April 20. This is a significant increase over 2009, and it was evident that there was hope, anticipation and optimism in the air.

Attendees were eager to network with industry colleagues, meet with suppliers at the Contact Booth Program, and learn from presenters who spoke about accountability, best practices and more.

President Jenny McCall (left) and the Executive Committee respond to questions from attendees.

In her opening address to members, 2010 President Jenny McCall described the activities of the board over the past 9 months. Many volunteers have taken the charge to “get in the game” seriously, evident from energized committees that have revised mission statements, added new members and developed serious objectives. “The overall goal,” said McCall, “is to get more members involved in association policy and program development. Recommendations coming from the committees will guide strategic planning by the Board this summer.”

Flame Technologies’ Fabulous Blues Brothers Shawn Toops, Steve Dodge and Chuck Faught (l-r)

Member benefits have increased, including no-charge access to Gawda University, more regional meetings, an improved website and more.

In a much-anticipated presentation, President McCall explained the history of the relationship with Fernley & Fernley, the association’s management company. Beginning May 5, meeting management and back-office functions will be handled by the American Welding Society (AWS).

A record number of Young Executives were on hand in Chicago, including Indiana Oxygen Company’s James P. Brant (right) and Advanced Welding Supply’s Chris Albanese.

McCall explained that this decision to change was not made lightly. She expressed confidence in a stronger organization with more control of executive management decisions. “The key question surrounding the transition is ‘Who owns Gawda?’, stated McCall. “The answer is simple: The companies that pay dues and the employees who attend meetings, serve on committees and actively participate in the association are Gawda’s owners. You, the members, have the right to decide how Gawda is managed.”

You can read the full text of President McCall’s address here.

Distributors and Suppliers had an oppurtunity to network face to face at the Contact Booth Program.

On a quest to find 56 answers to questions from Exhibitors, Brad Peterson (left) from Mississippi Welders Supply Co. makes sure Washington Alloy’s Joe Dearborn fesses up. Peterson’s doggedness resulted in his winning an iPod. Other winners of iPods and Netbooks were F&M Mafco’s Susan Stegman, Oxarc’s Greg Walmsley, and Butler Gas Products’ Sandy Gobrish.

Safety & Compliance News

CSA 2010 Implementation Schedule Changes The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced on April 9 that it will replace its Motor Carrier Safety Status Measurement System (SafeStat) with an improved Carrier Safety Measurement System on November 30, 2010 (75 Federal Register 18256). The system was developed and tested as part of the Comprehensive Safety Analysis 2010 initiative. As a result, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is withdrawing the notice of proposed improvements to SafeStat published for public comment on May 3, 2006. From April 12, 2010, to November 30, 2010, FMCSA will provide individual motor carriers with a preview of their performance data at http://csa2010.fmcsa.dot.gov.

Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking Combustible Liquids The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration announced a new advance notice of proposed rulemaking affecting the regulation of combustible materials. 75 Federal Register 17111 (April 5, 2010).  The agency is considering whether to harmonize the domestic regulations applicable to the transportation of combustible liquids with international transportation standards, and is examining ways to revise, clarify or relax certain regulatory requirements to facilitate the transportation of these materials while maintaining an adequate level of safety. Comments are due July 6, 2010. Once the comments have been reviewed, the agency will use them to determine if a notice of proposed rulemaking is warranted.


Final EOBR Rule Published The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration published a final rule to incorporate new performance standards for electronic on-board recorders (EOBRs) installed in commercial motor vehicles manufactured on or after June 4, 2012. 75 Federal Register 17208 (April 5, 2010). The final rule notes that on-board hours-of-service recording devices meeting FMCSA’s current requirements and installed in commercial motor vehicles manufactured before June 4, 2012, may continue to be used for the remainder of the service life of those vehicles. If the agency determines, based on hours-of-service records reviewed during a compliance review, that a company has a 10 percent or greater violation rate for any hours-of-service regulation listed in the new Appendix C to part 385, the agency will issue the carrier an electronic on-board recorder remedial directive. The company will then be required to install electronic on-board recorders in all of its commercial motor vehicles, regardless of their date of manufacture, and use the devices for hours-of-service recordkeeping for a period of 2 years, unless the company (i) already equipped its vehicles with automatic on-board recording devices meeting current requirements under 49 CFR 395.15 prior to the finding, and (ii) demonstrates to the agency that its drivers understand how to use the devices.

New Members

GAWDA is pleased to welcome Distributor Revell Supply Group of Pearl, MS, and Supplier  PPG Industries of Strongsville, OH.

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Industry Beat
(what people are talking about)

U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray La Hood met with business leaders in Syracuse, NY, last week to talk about the transportation needs of regional businesses. Prior to the meeting, Secretary La Hood met with Judy C. Flanagan, president of Data Key Communications and the publisher of GAWDA Media. They talked about the articles in the current issue of Welding & Gases Today magazine regarding roadside inspections, commercial drivers and the transportation challenges faced by GAWDA members. Secretary La Hood acknowledged the leadership of GAWDA in keeping the roads safe, and returned to Washington with a copy of Welding & Gases Today.

Michael C. Arcieri

Weldship Names New Sales Manager (Westboro, MA/Bethlehem, PA) Michael C. Arcieri was appointed sales manager for Weldship Corporation. He brings a background in business and finance to the company, having recently worked at financial and insurance firms in the Boston area. Weldship General Sales Manager Jim Cielinski says, “Weldship is focused on continuous improvement of our customer service and level of expertise. Michael’s addition expands our capabilities to serve our growing base of customers in a global marketplace.”

Chart Consolidates Liquid Oxygen Therapy Operations (Cleveland, OH)CAIRE, which operates under the BioMedical segment of Chart Industries, Inc., will close its liquid oxygen therapy manufacturing operations in Plainfield, Indiana, and relocate the manufacturing and customer service operations to a facility close to existing operations in Canton, Georgia, where the same product line is manufactured. The Plainfield manufacturing and customer service operations were acquired in November as part of the acquisition of Covidien's liquid oxygen therapy business. It will take approximately 12 months to relocate the operations to Canton.

Glenn Haun

Haun to Direct Distributor Network (Plumsteadville, PA)Air Liquide America Specialty Gases LLC appointed Glenn Haun as director of its ALNET distributor network. Haun will lead a team of sales managers and support personnel. He replaces Bill Kimla, who recently assumed new responsibilities within Air Liquide.

DayMark Acquires Milliken Converting (Bowling Green, OH)DayMark Technologies acquired Milliken Converting, Inc, a coating facility located in Markham, ON, Canada. The addition of this company vertically integrates Daymark in the supply chain, allowing for wide-web, pressure-sensitive capabilities in conjunction with in-line silicone coating, in addition to the pressure-sensitive and specialty coating needs of the market. The Canadian location will operate as DayMark Technologies, Markham Converting Facility.

FIBA Renews License (Millbury, MA)After a comprehensive, 3-day audit of FIBA Technologies’ manufacturing, engineering and quality processes, the Korean Gas Safety Corporation (KGSC) approved FIBA for renewal of its seamless pressure vessel (ASME) and cylinder (DOT tube) manufacturing license for another 3 years. By passing this audit, FIBA can continue to offer its seamless steel products to customers operating tube trailers, ISO skid containers and ASME pressure vessels within the Republic of South Korea.

In Memoriam

John V. Winkle

John V. Winkle, Weldstar Company
The gases and welding industry lost a beloved leader when John V. Winkle, 71, owner and president of Weldstar Company in Aurora, Illinois, passed away on March 21, 2010. Mr. Winkle began his career at Weldstar in 1969 and later purchased the company, growing it from sales of $1M to $30M. Working alongside his three sons, J.B., Joseph, and Matt, Weldstar was known as a “family” business where every employee became part of “Wink's" family. He instituted a profit-sharing plan for all employees, putting everyone on the same page, with one goal: take care of the customer and make money. Remembered as someone who cared deeply for others, he was involved in service to many local organizations. Mr. Winkle is survived by his wife of 50 years, Carol Crishal, seven children and 25 grandchildren.


New Website UnveiledGawda’s new website, www.gawda.org, was previewed at the Spring Management Conference in Chicago. President Jenny McCall noted that the website committee’s charge was “to make it easier for members to participate in the association.” Along with a new and bold look, including photos of members, the website contains a calendar for members to submit company information, links to committees, consultants, meetings, networking opportunities, Gawda’s social media sites, a daily news feed and other resources. Members will be able to manage their own passwords and logins, as well as update their contact information. Online payment of dues and meeting fees is now possible. The site is in the final implementation/testing phase and will be online by June.

Workshops, Web Conferences & Seminars

GAWDA University is now offered to all members at no cost. If you are interested in participating in an overview/training webinar for GAWDA University on Tuesday, April 27 at 1pm ET, please email Kate Marlys, GAWDA membership director, at kmarlys@fernley.com. This is the only webinar that is scheduled at this time.

Upcoming Events
For more information about these events, please click
on underlined titles or call GAWDA at 215-564-3484.
May 16-17 Birmingham, AL, Regional Meeting
May 26-27 Atlantic City, NJ, Regional Meeting
June 1-2 East Lansing, MI, Regional Meeting
June 27-28 Hattiesburg, MS, Regional Meeting
July 15-16 Naperville, IL, Regional Meeting
July 21-23 Whitefish, MT, Regional Meeting
July 22 Seven Springs, PA, Regional Meeting
August 15-16 Southern Pines, NC, Regional Meeting
August 17 N. Stonington, CT, Regional Meeting
August 23-24 Kansas City, MO, Regional Meeting
September 8 Gettysburg, PA, Regional Meeting
October 2-5 • GAWDA Annual Convention

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