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Make 2010 the Year You Get Certified in Specialty Gas Filling at Precision University!

For over a year now PSGP University has been developing skill sets in specialty gas filling through both classroom and hands-on instruction. The programs focus on all aspects of specialty gas filling and testing. Basic and advanced seminars are available. Participants in the programs can receive certification in Specialty Gas Mixing, Gas Chromatography and Process Instrumentation.


The first set of classes we're offering in January include:

Basic Gas Chromatography:
Jan 18-20
3 day lecture and hands-on lab exercises for personnel who need to use a gas chromatograph.
why and how gcs work
gc components (gas systems, sample valves, columns, detectors, electronics, etc.)
column selection (when to use molecular sieve, poropak, ctr, hayesep, etc.)
integrators (operation, programming and maintenance)
detectors (thermal conductivity, discharge ionization, flame ionization)
difficult analyses (argon in oxygen, hydrogen in helium, low ppm, etc.)
carrier gas options and precautions (argon, hydrogen, etc.)
chromatogram interpretation
gc parameters and their effects:
column temperature/flow
detector current/temperature
sample loop size/pressure
Tips & Techniques
making in-house chromatographic grade helium for gcs
how to avoid costly detector replacement
reliable limits of detection
methods to minimize instrument downtime
how to save over $500.00/year on each gc
Basic Gravimetric Mixture
  Jan 20-22 
3 day lecture and hands-on lab exercises for specialty gas mixture personnel who need the basics of making sg mixtures. Prior lab experience is helpful but not required.
mixture calculations (manual and automated methods)
cylinder selection (cga connections, materials, test dates, etc.)
pre-fill inspection (dot requirements, cylinder damage, safety considerations, etc.)
cylinder preparation (general and special requirements for certain gases)
safety precautions/osha/dot/fda issues
partial pressure fill techniques (pressure/temp., confirmation, compressibility adjustments)
gravimetric fill techniques (mother mixes, base mixes, sample bombs/loops for ppm mixes)
post fill procedures
mixture vs. Analytical ranges
analytical accuracy vs. Precision
scale calibration
low ppm mixture techniques
purity considerations for critical mixtures

What Is Not Covered:
This course does not cover fuel/oxidizer mixtures, toxic/corrosive mixtures or EPA protocol mixtures. Please contact us for additional information and schedules for these advanced applications.

weldoca cylinders
Initial 2010 Class Schedule:
Basic Gas Chromatography
January 18-20  
Basic Gravimetric Mixture
January 20-22  
Advanced Gas Chromatography
February 15-17  
Advanced Gravimetric Mixture Filling February 17-19  
SG Introduction
March 30-31  
Basic Gas Chromatography
April 12-14  
Basic Gravimetric Mixture Filling April 14-16  
SG Sales & Marketing
April 21-22
Advanced Gas Chromatography
May 10-12  
Advanced Gravimetric Mixture Filling May 12-14  
Medical Gas Installers Training
June 14-17

Reserve your space today.
Classes fill up quickly!
Cost per class is $950 per student.

Register online at www.precisionuniversity.com
or call 630.806.2010!

338 Sullivan Street,
Aurora, IL 60505
phone: 630.806.2010
fax: 630.806.2011


Breaking News

GAWDA Distributors Expect Slight Growth In 2010

Distributors Expect Growth

GAWDA distributor members from across the country were surveyed on their projections for 2010. Among the members surveyed, 67% expect sales to improve over 2009 anywhere from 2% to 30%. Last year the projected increase was 11%. Meanwhile, 4% anticipate that sales will decline at an average rate of -7.5% and 29% believe sales will remain the same. Many distributors are taking an aggressive approach despite the economic downturn as 91% will introduce new products and services, 33% will build new facilities or expand their current facilities and 40% will hire new people.

Suppliers Project Growth In New Year

Gases and welding suppliers were also surveyed on the prospects of 2010. Of those surveyed, 74% believe sales will improve, while 17% anticipate that they will remain the same and 9% are uncertain. None of the suppliers believe sales in 2010 will be worse than they were in 2009.

Supplier Project Growth

COBRA Subsidy Extended

The 2010 Defense Appropriations Bill recently signed into law by President Obama contains an extension of the ARRA subsidy for COBRA continuation of health coverage. The new law extends the subsidy by 6 months and covers workers who lose their jobs involuntarily on or before February 28, 2010. According to the Wall Street Journal, the subsidy "is provided in the form of a payroll tax credit to employers with 20 or more workers." For more information on the extension, visit this page.

Wiki terms added this week
Carbon capture and storage
To add your own term, go to www.GAWDAwiki.org.

Overheard on the Welding & Gases Today Editor's Blog:

"Some amazing aerial cinematography (in the movie 'Up In The Air') that would not have been possible had it not been for photographer Dylan Goss's resourceful industrial gases applications."
—From the Welding & Gases Today Editor's Blog

Safety & Compliance News

GAWDA Files Comments on OSHA Hazcom Proposal On December 29, GAWDA filed comments with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration on a 271-page proposed rule to revise the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard to comport with the UN Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling. GAWDA's comments made the following points:

As an increasing number of GAWDA distributors participate in global markets, there is a growing need for uniform regulatory standards in order to promote safety and facilitate commerce;
OSHA should place the burden of determining the hazard of any welding consumables (filler metals, fusible granular materials, fluxes, etc.) on the manufacturer of such products instead of on the "supplier" of the product, as the term "supplier" is undefined and imprecise and the manufacturer has the most information regarding the use of and hazards associated with the products;
DOT regulations should predominate over the OSHA Hazcom Standard, and GAWDA agrees with the proposal that a cylinder of compressed gas should not be required to have a pictogram of a cylinder on it when the cylinder is already subject to the DOT Hazardous Materials Regulations;
Inventories of products manufactured or imported prior to the effective date of the final rule (which is proposed to be a 3-year phase-in after the rule is published) should continue to be subject to the current Hazcom Standard instead of the new rule, as products complying with the current rule pose no safety concern; and
OSHA should develop online compliance information and training templates directed at small business to facilitate training and compliance.

GAWDA Meets with PHMSA Administrator on Special Permits
GAWDA Government Affairs Consultant Rick Schweitzer joined a delegation of shipper and carrier representatives who met with Administrator Cynthia Quarterman of the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) and her staff on December 22 regarding the agency's backlog in handling applications for special permits and approvals as alternative methods for complying with the Hazardous Materials Regulations. Due to Congressional pressure and a critical report from the DOT Inspector General, PHMSA has replaced 2 of its top personnel regulating hazmat safety and has slowed to a crawl the process of reviewing special permit and approval applications.

PHMSA is trying to implement a new procedure for determining the fitness of an applicant for a special permit—for shipments involving trucks, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration will make a recommendation of fitness and PHMSA will make the final determination. For shippers, PHMSA will conduct the entire process. Some applicants may require a site visit by PHMSA personnel, but the criteria for when those visits are necessary, and the criteria for determining fitness, are not yet public. GAWDA and the other associations requested that PHMSA go through a notice and comment rulemaking to develop the fitness criteria and procedures.

PHMSA Issues Notice to Incorporate Special Permits into
On December 22, PHMSA issued a notice of proposed rulemaking to incorporate a number of special permits into the Hazardous Materials Regulations.

These are provisions contained in certain widely used or longstanding special permits that have an established safety record. Special permits allow a company or individual to package or ship a hazardous material in a manner that varies from the regulations so long as an equivalent level of safety is maintained. The proposed revisions are intended to provide wider access to the regulatory flexibility offered in special permits and eliminate the need for numerous renewal requests, thus reducing paperwork burdens and facilitating commerce while maintaining an appropriate level of safety. The proposed revisions include the following:

Authorize vessel transportation for salvage cylinders containing damaged or leaking packagings under Sec. 173.3.
Allow liquid contents in quantities greater than 10% of the capacity in a mechanical displacement meter prover to the extent that draining of the meter prover is impracticable.
Authorize the transport of waste Division 4.2, Packing Group I material, Division 5.2 (organic peroxide) material, and Division 6.1, Packing Group I (Hazard Zone A) material in lab packs under Sec. 173.12.
Allow the use of alternative outer packagings for waste lab packs and require use of UN standard steel or plastic drums (at the PG I performance level) for the transportation of Division 4.2, Packing Group I material and Division 6.1, Packing Group I, Hazard Zone A material in lab packs under Sec. 173.12.
Except hazardous waste materials, packaged in lab packs and meeting additional conditions, from certain segregation and marking requirements under Sec. 173.12.
Allow variation in the packing method for packagings prepared in accordance with Sec. 173.13. Authorize, for certain hazardous materials, external visual inspection of the rupture disc in a non-reclosing pressure relief device of a rail tank car without requiring removal of the rupture disc.
Authorize the transportation of certain specially designed radiation detectors containing a Division 2.2 (non-flammable gas) material under a new section Sec. 173.310.
Allow a greater gross weight limitation for packages used for the transport of aerosols for purposes of recycling or disposal.
Allow rail tank cars to exceed the maximum capacity and gross weight on rail limitations upon approval from the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) under Sec. 179.13.
Eliminate several requirements for submitting duplicate copies of applications for special permit, party status, or renewal when the applications are submitted electronically. Also require DOT registration number, if applicable.
Require certification of understanding of a special permit for persons submitting an application for party status to a special permit.

Written comments should be submitted on or before February 22, 2010.

January Safety & Technology Organizer Online The January Safety & Technology Organizer is now available at www.gawda.org. Some topics include Service Truck, Chemical Inventory Reporting and Update on Electronic Registration and Listing.

Industry Beat
(what people are talking about)

(l-r) NJSAE President Ray Saputelli and Taylor Fernley

Fernley & Fernley Leader Honored (Philadelphia, PA) • Taylor Fernley, president and CEO of association management company Fernley & Fernley, received the "Excellence in Association Management Award" at the joint Annual Conference of the New Jersey Society of Association Executives (NJSAE) and the Delaware Valley Society of Association Executives (DVSAE) in Atlantic City. Fernley was selected based on his generous commitment of time and expertise to the non-profit community throughout his 35 year career in association management. He has held board and committee positions for a variety of associations and professional societies on a national and local level. "I would not be here today if it were not for the dedicated group of professionals who support me at Fernley & Fernley," Fernley said during his acceptance speech. "It is humbling to be honored with such a prestigious award by my peers in the industry." Fernley & Fernley has managed GAWDA, formerly NWSA, for more than 60 years and was the first association managed by Fernley & Fernley.

INOX Acquires Cryogenic Vessel Alternatives (Mont Belvieu, TX)INOX India acquired the majority shares of Cryogenic Vessel Alternatives (CVA). CVA owners Chris Carr, Hector Villarreal and Dean Corbin will continue to play leadership roles in the new partnership.

O. E. Meyer
O.E. Meyer Company employees joined Terra Community College officials for a photo to recognize the donation.

In Honor Of Omar (Fremont, OH)O.E. Meyer Company donated $50,000 to Terra Community College in honor of former CEO, the late Omar Meyer Jr. The company pledged $10,000 a year for 5 years and will receive the naming rights to the welding lab when the new Skilled Trades Center at the institution opens next fall. "We've been wanting to do something for Omar, and we think this will be a very fitting honor," says Rod Belden, CEO. "Omar was such a caring man and his influence on our company was significant. He truly was the catalyst in making the O.E. Meyer Company what it is today."

Central Welding Acquires A-L Welding Products (Marysville, WA)Central Welding Supply acquired A-L Welding Products and its locations in Tukwila, WA, and Burien, WA. A-L Welding Products' 2-store distributorship opened in the Seattle market in 1985 and includes 8,000 industrial, medical and specialty gas cylinders in service, and 8 employees.

Smoothing the Rough Spots (Indianapolis, IN)Indiana Oxygen Company (IOC) implemented a Kaizen Continuous Improvement program designed to assess and improve every aspect of the company including operations, procurement, sales and accounting. "Having experienced great success over the past 2 years with our own internal improvement program, the timing was perfect for us to further pursue our improvement goals in a more formal fashion by implementing a structured program under the guidance of expert consultants," says Operations Manager Mike Gunnels, who is IOC's lead facilitator for their Kaizen Program.

Nancy Forness   Drew Baiter
Nancy Forness
Drew Baiter

Promotions at Abbott Welding (Olean, NY)Abbott Welding promoted Nancy Forness to comptroller and office manager and Drew Baiter to inside sales and operations manager. Forness, an employee of 3 years, was previously a member of the office staff, while Baiter, an employee of 5 years, was a driver.

A Special Kind of Holiday Spirit (Stanton, CA)The Orange County Register honored Cameron Welding Supply owner Elizabeth Perry with its 22nd Orange County Register Holiday Spirit designation.

Industrial Source Acquires A-L Compressed Gas (Eugene, OR)Industrial Source acquired A-L Compressed Gases of Portland, OR. Terms were not disclosed, but Shannon Odum of Industrial Source said that the A-L acquisition will increase sales by about 45%. Industrial Source will continue to operate the A-L Compressed Gases store in Portland as well its existing Portland store until next June, when it will consolidate the 2 stores in a new 18,000 sq. ft. location.

Tracking Success (Berkeley Heights, NJ)M2M magazine recognized DataOnline on its M2M 100 list for 2010 for a third year in a row. This list includes the most influential companies in the machine-to-machine space.

Carbon Capture Contract (Allentown, PA)Air Products signed a cooperative agreement with the United States Department of Energy (DOE) and will now move forward on phase 1 of a potential 2-phase program to conduct an engineering study and project plan to capture, concentrate and purify carbon dioxide emitted from industrial operations for use in enhanced oil recovery work.

Linde Subsidiary Acquired (Murray Hill, NJ)A subsidiary of American Water Works acquired Environmental Management Corp. (EMC) in O'Fallon, MO, from The Linde Group. The financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.


Spring Management Conference: Save the DateMark your calendar now for GAWDA's Spring Management Conference which will be held at the Hyatt Regency in Chicago from April 18-20. This will be the only SMC this year. Highlights of the meeting include:

Mike Scott: How to Raise Revenues and Cut Costs by Creating a Workplace that Is Totally Accountable
Mike Workman: Business and Corporate Integrity
Lloyd Robinson, Ned Lane, Ned Pontious: Measurement Tools for a Successful Organization
Andy Stawski: Merchandizing: Transforming Consumer Needs and Desires into Purchases
Young Executives Roundtables: Conversations with Industry CEOs
Distributor Owner Roundtables: Executive Compensation—Industry Practices

HR Report Available The January 2009 HR Manager's Legal Reporter is now available for download at www.gawda.org.

GAWDA Clearinghouse The GAWDA Clearinghouse has been updated for the month.

Workshops, Web Conferences & Seminars

University of Industrial Distribution—Sponsored by GAWDA
March 8-11, 2010
University Place Conference Center and Hotel, Indianapolis, IN. Enrollment is limited. Details can be found here.

GAWDA Professional Compliance Seminar
March 22-25, 2010
At Chart Industries, Ball Park, GA (near Atlanta). To register, visit this page.

Upcoming Events
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March 2 Southeastern Zone Regional Meeting (Bonita Springs, FL)

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